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Setup MS Office
with product key Get the most interesting and useful Office apps
from the house of Microsoft and deploy them on your PC.


Microsoft Office needs no introduction as we have been using it since we gain our senses. From schools to colleges and institutes to office, there is no definitive space where one can go without using Office. Microsoft offers a wide range of products based on the varied needs of the users. There are suitable products for Home, Business, Enterprise, as well as Education. You are provided with a choice to choose the plan that suits your requirements the best. Once you choose the plan of your choice, you can follow the installation instructions given in the upcoming sections.

Choosing The Right Plan Makes A Difference

If you are unsure about which Office plan you should buy, then worry not as there are different plans for people belonging to different sections of the world. When you navigate to the official website of Office via, you will find out several subscription packages as well as one-time purchases of Office suite. Make sure to choose a plan that fulfills your work requirements and has all those Office apps which you need to accomplish your tasks. The new Office versions come equipped with intelligent cloud services and smart apps which are integrated with smarter technologies so that you can stay ahead in this competitive world.

Pre-Requisites To Get Started With Office Setup

No matter which Office plan you choose, there are certain pre-requisites you need to accomplish before you can actually begin with the setup:

  1. 01) You must sign up/register on the official platform of Microsoft via
  2. 02) Make sure you buy the product key and redeem it beforehand.
  3. 03) Providing your device with high-speed internet connectivity is a must.
  4. 04) Ensure that Office login credentials and other necessary details are handy with you.
  5. 05) Make sure that your device is meeting the minimum system requirements.
  6. 06) Keep the Office setup product key handy as you’ll be asked for it any time.

Office installation instruction for Mac

  1. 01) Open the ‘Finder’ on your Mac device.
  2. 02) From here, go to the ‘Downloads’ section.
  3. 03) Find where the installer.pkg lies.
  4. 04) Once you find the file, double-tap on it.
  5. 05)Click on the ‘Continue’ button to proceed further.
  6. 06) Read the license agreement and hit the ‘Continue’ button.
  7. 07)Select the necessary options in the following screens.
  8. 08)Upon the completion of the installation, click ‘Close’.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, you can get your hands on the free version of Office available on the official website of Office available as the trial version. The trial period is however of the 30 days after which you need to pay to continue using Office.

The Office product is generally of 25 characters and can be easily found based on the method of purchase. If you have purchased it from a retail store or online store, then it is available on the retail card. Online buyers can find in the inbox of their registered email address.

To reinstall Office setup on your Mac or Windows, navigate to website. Here, click on the ‘Install Office’ button present next to the desired version. But before that, you must uninstall its older package completely from your device.

To renew your Office 365 subscription, you need to navigate to and go to your shopping cart. Find the desired product which you wish to renew and provide your account login details. Follow some easy steps to renew your subscription.