Find out What’s New in Microsoft Office 2021

Are you aware of the new release of Microsoft Office which is soon going to be there in the market? If not, then here you can find out what’s new in Microsoft Office 2021 along with its release date and expected price. Microsoft, a few months ago, made an announcement on its official blog post portal that people will soon see a perpetual version of Microsoft Office which will be unlike Microsoft 365. In some prior versions of Office, people had to pay on a monthly or yearly basis in order to continue using their Office subscriptions.

However, this is completely senseless that you need to pay periodically for something like Microsoft Office which is an inevitable part of corporate life. Most importantly, the best thing about this new version would be that it will be made available for both Windows and Mac users that too on In addition to this, there will be some more things that users will get to witness as a part of this version of Office about which we are going to discuss below.

Highlights of Microsoft Office 2021

Before we begin to discuss what things or features you can expect in this version of Office, one important thing to note here is that the said versions of Office would be named Microsoft Office 2022. However, there is no confirmation from Microsoft for the same.

  • Only a one-time payment is enough to get you going with much-needed applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Users can expect its release in the middle of 2021.
  • You will see some updates in the classic as well as other apps of Office.
  • Sadly, Microsoft has not revealed anything related to its price, but it would be made affordable for the buyers.
  • You will get to use the most updated and bug-free version of Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, Skype for Business Server, and Project Server.
  • Both Windows and Mac users will be able to get their hands on this version, however, there is no update regarding its release for mobile users.
  • Users shall be able to seek official Microsoft support.
  • They will get notified about the updates of new features so that they can install them immediately.
  • Users will also get zone-specific patch updates if any.
  • Last but not the least, you shall also get the security features that are specifically made available for eligible Microsoft Office users.

Is it similar to Office 365?

The only thing that would be similar between Office 2022 and Office 365 is that you can get it just by doing a one-time sign in. However, all the other features of Microsoft Office 2021 would be a completely different experience for the users.


If you are trying to find out what can you expect in the upcoming release of Office, then you must note that everything would be made clear to the users very soon. However, you need to patient for the same because this newest version would be made available in the second half of 2021. Till then, you can continue to go through the Official site of Microsoft so as to keep yourself well equipped with every detail of your current Office version.

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