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Many people nowadays are demanding the Microsoft office 2019 torrent and the reason is very obvious. Microsoft Office is one popular tool among its users and every person involved in some kind of professional work needs to have it on his device. Be it Windows or Mac, one can make the most out of its diverse range of apps.

But, now the question arises as to why people are going after Microsoft Office 2016. Well, they think that if they can get Microsoft Office for free then why they should pay for it. A large group of professionals as well as individuals are looking for a way that is not only cheap but reliable. However, they do not know the disadvantages that come along with it.

A person downloading the office 2016 torrent version may download viruses on your device along and it is an illegal copy of Microsoft Office. Also, you are not entitled to get any kind of support from the officials if you run into any difficulty. Thus, here are some best alternatives to Microsoft Office for you that you may have if you do wish to pay for it.

Free Microsoft Office alternatives

If you are looking for Microsoft word torrent, then here are some best alternatives for you on which you can rely upon.

  1. Microsoft Office Online

This is the first alternative to Microsoft Office paid subscription and works similarly to the actual package. This is highly compatible with all the operating systems and its User Interface is also the same as other Office versions. But, there is a catch, you may not be able to get official support of you to face any problem. You may get certain free applications to use such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and so on. Hence, to use it, you need to create a Microsoft Office account in order to use it. docx, xlsx, pptx including their earlier versions are well supported in it. Apart from this, the formats odt, ods, ODP are also supported. Thus, you may consider it as a good alternative for Microsoft Office torrent. Also, note that the documents or files you may create are all saved in OneDrive.

  1. LibreOffice

LibreOffice could be considered as one of the best alternatives to Microsoft Office torrent and can be used in an offline mode as well. Apart from this, you also get to have amazing support to fix any problem, and to get started with it, you may use the User Manual that comes along with it. However, some users may not consider it as interesting as it should be because it uses a very old design dated back to 2003. If you download the mobile application of the file, then it will only be available in the ‘View files’ mode only. Also, there is no cooperation feature on it. But, you get to use all the famous applications of Office in the LibreOffice version and is completely legal. This is unlike Microsoft office torrent.

  1. Apple iWork

The best alternative of Microsoft Office torrent 2016 and 2019 for Mac is Apple iWork. Users may get it for free and the most interesting thing about it is that it comes in a Mac brand design that looks quite stylish. The file formats .DOC, .RTF, and .Pages files can be easily saved in it. Apart from this, you also get to use a well-crafted toolbar but the templates may not have the as interesting design as it should.

Thus, if you were in a hunt for the torrent version of Microsoft Office, then you may end your search with these alternatives as these alternatives are completely legal and provide you the complete features and functionalities of Office.

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